Headstrong is defined by its customers—we work with global leaders within Financial Services, Public Sector and Service industries. Our clients expect and appreciate our strong program management capabilities, our skilled people, our business process expertise in these targeted verticals, and our focus on delivering measurable ROI. Here are some examples of what our clients are saying about us:

“[Our company’s] progress on multiple initiatives has been greatly enhanced through the assistance of Headstrong. We are applying our positive experiences into Detroit’s Lower Woodward Program, and are proud to sponsor Headstrong in this effort. The Lower Woodward Program is integral to the revitalization of downtown Detroit and for showcasing the city during Super Bowl XL in 2006. We needed a committed and experienced partner with a strong history of execution. Headstrong’s exceptional understanding of change initiatives and its application of program and process management discipline make it the perfect partner for [our company], and for the Lower Woodward Program.”
– President and COO at a major energy and utilities provider in Midwestern US

“[Our organization’s] progress toward being a leading energy and energy technology provider required successes in many important initiatives. This required quality and timely execution of major change programs, including retail access, a merger integration, a transmission divestiture, and a customer service transformation. We relied on Headstrong’s exceptional understanding of change initiatives and its application of program and process management discipline throughout these programs. We continue to appreciate the relationship we have with Headstrong, and their ability to provide quality deliverables and sound advice to every project.”
– President and COO at a major energy and utilities provider in Midwestern US

“Throughout various operational and strategic projects, the Headstrong consulting team helped our company in the redesign of our processes, our organization, the selection of new tools and the required change management process. Headstrong’s involvement in our management and executive committees has allowed, not only to warrant the success of these projects, but also to take care of the management of our logistics on a transitional management basis.”
– Managing Director at a logistics management company in France

“We chose Headstrong because we needed a complex customer management framework. Knowledge transfer is an essential part of the project, as is the change management program, which will ensure effective project integration and a smooth business transition.”
– Managing Director at a global pharmaceutical manufacturing company operating in China

“We are designing a total customer management solution - one that maximizes [our company’s] return on investment in IT assets while improving our efficiency and customer service. Out customer relationships are complex so we need a 360 degree view of each to effectively service their needs. Headstrong exceeded our expectations by implementing a CRM solution focused on delivering value, and that has really made a difference.”
– Managing Director at a global pharmaceutical manufacturing company operating in China

“[The company’s] CRM project was more than just a technology implementation, it was a business transformation. Like any transformation, change was constant. What differentiated this project from most was that our implementation partner Headstrong understood and managed that change successfully. It was Headstrong’s management, insights and assistance that proved instrumental in delivering our integrated CRM solution successfully.”
– Managing Director at a specialized insurance company in Hong Kong

“Headstrong’s track record indicated they had proven experience in the data warehousing industry and a history of successful delivery. We were also looking for a company that would work with us to adapt industry standards to the academic environment. We look forward to this partnership, because it gives us the most efficient path toward a better system.”
– Interim Director of Decision Support at a major university in Midwestern US

“We pride ourselves on being a progressive, technology-driven and people-oriented company, and have already made great strides in the areas of Internet banking and eCRM. Headstrong’s work on this new initiative is important for [our company’s] Mortgage Banking Division, and ultimately helps the Bank move closer to setting best practice standards for the industry as a whole.”
– Senior General Manager at large regional bank operating in Asia

“We anticipate a real return on investment within the next 18 months, both through increased efficiency within our sales forces and through improved customer-targeted promotions, which will lead to better and more profitable sales for both ourselves and our brand owner partners.”
– CIO at a major logistics and marketing company in Taiwan

“I was very pleased with the cooperation I personally received from Headstrong team. I was also impressed by their knowledge and technical expertise. This project was successful to a great extent on the Headstrong team members. I would welcome any future opportunity to work with Headstrong.”
– Project Manager at a major life insurance company in the US

“It was wonderful working with Headstrong’s team. Their understanding of the product and work ethics made the implementation experience for [our organization] very smooth.”
– Manager of Corporate Applications at a top online brokerage in the US

“Headstrong was a natural choice for [our organization]. The company’s in-depth knowledge of the financial services arena was apparent and the consultants appointed to the project were considered part of [our] team due to the added business value they provided. One year from the start of the project, we have delivered what we set out to and on budget, thanks to the flexibility and quality of resources from Headstrong.”
– Web Manager at a top fund management company in the UK

“It was a pleasure working with Headstrong’s team. Their understanding of the product, technical expertise and overall commitment to task were instrumental in making the project a success.”
– Project Manager at a large brewing company in the US

“[Headstrong] was able to focus on our business requirements, select the appropriate technical and data architectures, develop a web-enabled infrastructure and modify industry templates to match our unique business requirements.”
– Manager of Global Business Intelligence at a large electronics manufacturing company in Midwestern US

“[In our organization] we have earned our leadership position in mailroom equipment and logistics systems by working collaboratively with our clients and offering superior service and expertise. We select our vendors based on these same characteristics. When we selected Headstrong as our strategic provider of program management services, we demanded extensive know how and a proven track record. We also required a uniquely collaborative approach to ensure our three R&D centers, located in three different countries across two separate continents, would operate as one cohesive entity. Headstrong has fully met our expectations by adapting to the needs of our organization, and was instrumental in elevating our level of maturity to enable us to evolve into a collaborative, project-centric organization.”
– Group R&D Director at a global mailing and shipping equipment manufacturer

“Headstrong’s ability to translate business requirements for our T&E process into technology enabled solutions has consistently met all of [our] expectations. Implementing and supporting systems that serve over 15,000 end users and constantly delivering value is a trademark of Headstrong’s throughout our multi-year relationship.”
– Manager of Corporate Application at a media giant in Canada

“As [the premier banking institution in New York], we consistently explore new ways to drive revenues and build upon our market leadership positions. We maintain a very strong sales culture, with cross-selling as the primary initiative among our employees around the world. Our most recent endeavor in this regard has been the ongoing implementation of a global SFA technology system. The magnitude of this project is significant, requiring the contributions of individuals and business areas worldwide. Headstrong has been instrumental in the process.”
– SVP for Strategic Sales and Cross-selling at a major bank in New York, US