Analytics & Research

Drive Growth In A Saturated Market

Integrated Business Intelligence, Analytics and Research tools from Headstrong and Genpact will give you the details you need to base your business decisions on research, customer insight, and real data to drive growth in a saturated market.

Real-time analytic applications improve efficiency, generate savings, and increase customer satisfaction. With these tools, you can aggregate, manage, and present data in reports and dashboards to meet regulatory standards.

Our clients typically see the following outcomes:

  • A 3% increase in customer retention, translating to $25 million in additional revenue
  • A change in their risk operating model, translating to a 25 to 40% savings
  • Improved scorecards, resulting in a 4% increase in auto-decisions
  • Validation and calibration of predictive models, leading to improved risk assessment and compliance

Headstrong and Genpact use scientific methodology to help companies achieve substantially improved financial performance by breaking down organizational silos and making business processes effective and measurable. Compared with traditional efforts focused on efficiency within individual processes or business units, our end-to-end methodology can deliver two to five times the impact on improved cash flow, margins, revenue growth, or other targeted financial and operating metrics.

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