Risk and Compliance

Rapid Regulatory Changes Create Constant Challenge

Firms face increased expectations from regulators and audit and risk management committees. Headstrong’s Risk and Compliance Practices focuses on four areas of risk.

Liquidity Risk

Ensure a liquidity exposure framework capable of supporting daily Fed 4G reporting needs as well as impending needs (e.g. Fed 5G). Develop tactical solutions until long-term solutions are ready. Potential build out of Automated reconciliation processes that will improve turnaround time for analytics and reporting, thereby improving flexibility to comply with future requirements such as daily regulatory reporting.

Credit Risk

Estimation of Counterparty Credit Risk (Basel II), Counterparty Credit Risk Assessment and Valuation, Credit Valuation Adjustment.

Market Risk

We create frameworks that will improve decision making with more timely and granular analysis to support risk/return tradeoffs.

Operational Risk

We specialize in benchmarking application risk and remediation, while building GRC for a competitive advantage.

Key Offerings

Headstrong’s Risk and Compliance practice offers comprehensive services with each of the above focus areas and has detailed information and white papers available.

To learn more about our services, please contact us at information@headstrong.com.