Headstrong - EDM Council 2011-12 Benchmarking Study on Data Management

Data management as a management discipline continues to mature across every segment of the financial industry - but at varying rates according to business model, corporate breadth and organizational complexity. This year’s study was organized to provide an assessment of the state of data management across investment banking, securities servicing and asset management.

Headstrong EDM Council Global Reference Data Benchmarking Survey

The Survey report demonstrates the rising importance of EDM as an essential component of business operations. More than 75 percent of firms report having data management programs underway, with 52 percent moving towards a global centralized EDM structure. The survey polled a representative sample of more than 60 financial institutions representing a cross-section of the global industry with analysis by Headstrong and the EDM Council.

Headstrong Tower Group Buy-Side Operations and Technology Survey

The survey results indicates that the firms are seeking to lower costs, reduce risks and structure operations and technology to be more flexible and efficient. The survey itself, conducted by TowerGroup, was designed to analyze issues and best practices of 40 asset management firms in improving efficiency, productivity, cost reduction and implementation of flexible IT and operations infrastructure.